SCS Geelong (Scanning Conversion Services Geelong) offer a wide range of professional services. These services include, large colour printing/wide format printing, scanning, copying and laminating almost any job! Alongside these services we offer a range of tailored amenities that may be of use to you. These amenities consist of drafting and plan printing, electronic data storage services and miscellaneous services, which go hand in hand with our CAD products that we also sell in store. So whether your job be from simply printing or photocopying, to tedious photo enhancements or photo edits, or even to drafting, plan printing or storing your files electronically for later use, SCS Geelong is definitely the place for you!

Large Colour Printing
Large or wide format colour printing of technical drawings, poseters, maps, photographs or any other document. Whatever the need large printing is available. Most printing can be done in house and while you wait if required with our Epson printers. In addition to standard Bond and Photographic Papers, Canvas, Backlit Film and non tearable sticky back stock is available in extra wide rolls. Some basic mounting services are available however for a particular result or speciality products assistance in sourcing the desired result is possible.

Scanning is the creation of an electronic copy of an original document. Once scanned documents or images can be copied, edited or forwarded to wherever required. As with any task different equipment is required to achieve the right result. Beyond basic scanning wihich is widely available our scanning serve includes wide format up to 900mm wide, flat bed scanning up to A2 and automatic high volume scanning. Once scanned electronic files may require editing or renaming for filing; if required, this can also be provided as a tailored service.

Plan Printing
Wide format plan printing as the na,e suggests is primarily for printing large building plans and drawings, however these printers offer much more. Prints can be produced from a wide range of file formats or coped from an original document. Documents can be scaled up or down. Monochrome or greyscale settings in high resolution output can provide copying for a wide range of applications. One of the best features of this type of printing is that it is very cost effective.

Protect documents with a laminate finish. Available in store we have a range of laminate finishes to suit a variety of applications. From gloss or matte finish, single sided cold laminate for heat sensitive documents to encapsulated gloss laminate for posters, artwirk and drawings. At the other end of the range, cello glazing is a thinner and more cost effective option for protecting documents. Or for a consisten result, pocket laminating is also available. Standard pockets are available for documents the size of a membership card.

A photocopy service is not just selecting between A4 and A3 for a paper size and black and white or colour for the finish. These are the options for printing at home. Photocopying to achieve optimal results requires the correct selection of materials and using the right equipment to process the job. This means that before printing the correct paper stock is selected and out equipment is set to automatically fold, staple or hole punched if required. Beyond printing, documents may require trimming and again we have the finishing equipment to deliver a consistent professional service.

Electronic Data Storage
Records need to be kept for any number of reasons and they need to be comprehensive and easily accessable. We can scan, arrange and store any electronic document as required as a cost effective solution to documents that may be currently disorganised. Consider this service before lost data, lack of storage space and ease of access to important documents becomes an issue in keeping records.

Miscellaneous Services
Our aim at SCS Geelong is to help customers achieve the best result they can by using our business for their printing needs. Rather than providing an extensive range of products at the cheapest price, customers more often need help with their specific problem and thats is where we endeavour to place our service. While we do binding both in standard and wide format, and some mounting or presentation services can be provided its things like offering suggestions and options that do not have associated cost that keep regular customers coming back and referring us to others.

In response to a number of enquiries a very basic drafting service has become available. Most importantly it is stressed that this does not include any form of permit applications, as this is best left to the appropriately qualified. The service is geard for example to assisting tradesmen needing to prepare As Built Drawings or to assist individuals prepare a consolidate layout of their proposal or concept prior to again engaging a professional.