Binding and Finishing Services

At SCS Printing in Geelong, we provide an extensive binding and finishing service to suit all needs. We can help you turn a standard project into something special and that makes a real impact. Transform your pile of paper into a polished or complete project that you can be proud of. See below for more information about laminating, binding, and trimming/cutting.


Help protect your documents with a laminate finish with SCS Geelong. No matter if you have small or large documents and posters, drop by our store to see what we can do for you. We cover a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit all types of projects. You can enjoy peace of mind while protecting your valuable work. The following are some great options when it comes to laminating your work:


Our all-in-one binding solution will guarantee the results you want. All you need to do is select your preferred binding method, and then leave the rest to us! Our range of options include:


From large posters and banners to small, custom items, SCS Geelong can cut and trim paper to any size you need. We will work out what method best suits your project and how to get the job done quickly. We have a range of trimming methods to suit your needs, which includes a paper creaser for folding cards, trimmer for large format drawings, and a guillotine for a large stack of paper.


Here are some of our most frequently asked finishing questions

  • Can we provide our own paper for our booklets?

    If you wish to bring your own paper for your booklet, then we can cater to your needs. Our photocopy machines print on standard A5, A4 and A3 size paper. If you provide us with these sizes in paper, then it will be suitable for us to use. Once finished, we will fold, staple or […]

  • Do you print booklets in colour?

    Yes, we can print your booklet in colour to suit your needs. When printing a booklet in colour instead of black and white, this will alter the cost of your project. Supplies to print in colour are usually higher, therefore those costs transfer across to the price of the booklet. Talk to us to see […]

  • How many pages can you print in a booklet?

    Most booklets for our clients are printed with a standard number of pages. However, if you need a booklet to be printed with a large number of pages, then we can do this for you. There is no limit to the size of the booklet we can print, so come and talk to us about […]

  • Do you provide large or wide format binding?

    Yes, we provide this service. We not only provide binding for standard sized documents, but we extend our services to cater for larger documents. At SCS Geelong Printing we have aluminium clamps, coil binding or traditional timber edge with screws. All of these methods will work for large sizes.

  • Do you provide hard cover or soft cover book binding?

    Yes, we offer a range of binding options to give you that bound book look. We provide the perfect binding for both soft and hard cover sizes. If you are looking for a more basic finish then we can also bind using staples, a range of different fasteners or clips and hole punching. Standard sizes […]

  • Can you laminate my documents while I wait?

    You have the option to wait for us to laminate your work, or you can come back at a later time. We just need to allow 10 minutes for the laminator to reach the right temperature, and then we can begin. You are more than welcome to relax in our store and wait for your […]